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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gunnie Goodness

Few potentially interesting things happening in my gun-world. First, foremost and most interesting, I am hopefully going to be helping to teach two new shooters in the immediate future. (No, not at the same time. I'm not that kind of crazy.) One of them already has a firm foundation in rifle and shotgun, but lacks pistol. The other is a Tabula Rasa.

Dad has trained new shooters before, but this is my first time getting involved in it. We don't yet have a range space we can go to for training, but we've started going over the four rules and basic firearms lore and anatomy with the newbie. She is a little nervous about it, but is excited to learn. Once we're sure that she knows the theory of what she's doing, we'll start her off on .22, probably a rifle. I'm looking forward to this.

My personal firearms collection is slowly expanding. I now own two .22 rifles and a Mosin-Nagant that desperately needs firing. For that matter, so do the other two, but those are in the breaking in and dialing in process. The Mosin hasn't been fired since it left the re-arsenaling. Regrettably, in a factor tied to the lack of training facility, we also lack a good rifle range. Hopefully one is opening nearby soon, but it is taking longer than expected.

I am also after a new rifle, to fill the major hole in our home arsenal. We have no AR style rifle. The two major options are an entry level AR like the DPMS and a self-build. I quite frankly am inclined towards the self build. It suits my engineering tendencies, and means I get what I want. It's a bit of a daunting idea though, especially as I am about to go to college, and will want my money liquid. Hmph. Practicality strikes again.

On the political end of things, I am growing increasingly fed up with the Illinois restriction on carry. There was a bill introduced a while back for Open Carry, but that keeps getting held back because the political elite don't want to recognize a 60-40 lead in the polls for carry. It's not dead yet, and seems to be gaining ground slowly, but the fact that this is an issue in the first place makes me glad I'm moving to TX.

I'm moving to Dallas. Anyone know of good ranges in the area?

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