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Monday, April 23, 2012

Blogshoot Photos

It's been a lot of fun reading over the assorted accounts of the shoot online. Something of a way to keep the fun going for a few more days.

I didn't end up taking too many pictures, mostly on account of spending more time shooting guns than cameras.  This, quite honestly, suits me just fine.  Here are some of the better pictures I got on Saturday.

The range, featuring Hope-N-Change the Magic Unicorn

Close up on Hope-N-Change, taken from the same spot. I love 30x optical zoom.

Borepatch, our wonderfu host.  Seriously, meet this guy if you can.

Pat St. Jean shooting a neat left handed AR

There were guns. Lots of guns.  These are just RedneckEngineer's offerings, including a .50 on the far right.

Kevin Baker, Redneck Engineer, and Traction Control, from left to right.

Redneck Engineer shooting Traction Control's KRISS

Yours truly, exhibiting my two oddities for the day. The first is of course the stupidhuge grin.  The second is that I shot pretty much everything but the Saiga and .50 in target pose, because that's simply how I learned to shoot.  Looks odd, but hey, it worked.

Unicorn Farts stuck through particle board.

This tickled my fancy for some reason probably related to Peace Love and Butterflies. Those butterflies got all over everything, including shooters midshot.  I'm afraid I don't remember who it was, but someone mentioned that just as they were lining up their shot with the .50, a butterfly landed directly between their eye and the scope.

Bayonet Charge Aftermath
[video will be posted once I get it onto Youtube]

A closeup of the same.

Nick the Blogless lifts his trophy high

Small bits of unicorn littered the ground for a good 7-8 feet past the target.
This is just a small spattering of the awesomeness from that day.  Final thoughts and a video of the charge will go up sometime in the next couple days.

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