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Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm a Foodie

I went grocery shopping today. Sprouts is an easy bike ride away from my apartment, and has good food for cheap prices. Wandering around trying to plot what I'll be eating the next week or so, I came across swordfish steaks for $5.99/lb. "That seems a fair price," says I, so I grabbed a steak and wandered around trying to figure out what to do with it.

When I cook, I don't usually follow a recipe particularly closely. I'll use them as inspiration, but cooking someone else's food wholesale just seems sorta like cheating. 'Sides, so far I've been happier with the stuff I invented. This often means though that I don't really know what I'll be cooking till I start though. Here, I wandered around trying to figure out what sort of sauce I wanted to make as I passed by the jellies. One jar of apricot jelly later and I had my inspiration.

pan seared Swordfish
olive oil
corn meal

apricot jelly
orange juice
grated ginger
lemon juice

All of my measurements are of course hyper-specific, and cannot be deviated from even slightly. Take a dollop (metric) of apricot jelly, a splash (USCS) of orange juice, half a tablespoon butter, juice of half a lemon, and a drizzle and a half of honey, and mix and reduce in a small sauce pan.

Take a handful of corn meal, add a pinch of salt, a smidge of cayenne and a twist or two of black pepper, and rub onto both sides of your swordfish steak.

Sear steak on high heat in olive oil, roughly 2 min on a side for a .5-.75" steak.

Drizzle glaze over and serve with rice.

Serves one teenage boy with a remarkable appetite. YMMV.

This is... remarkable. In future, I would probably up the ginger from what I did, and perhaps the lemon juice as well, and tone down the orange juice. I'd also go with slightly more corn meal for structure. But certainly a good first effort.

It's remarkably easy, even in a dorm setting. From start to end, including rice, the cook time was about 20 minutes. It also is remarkably cheap (assuming that you can find the fish at decent prices) as I fed myself for under 12$ for all ingredients, most of which I still have 50-90% of. I'm pleased.

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  1. Ah, brings a tear to my eye. You are SO going to need to make that for me...


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