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Monday, January 14, 2013

Texas is Better

I am now back in Texas after winter break. Break was good, as I got to do a good bunch of shooting, as well as acquiring a new gun. (or two, depending on how you arrange the timeframe). I now own both a Remington 700 in .308 and a 1918 SMLE. Full reports on both will turn up in the next few days, theoretically.

For the past few days, I have been alternating running around like a headless chicken and haemorrhaging money. I managed to kill my phone and my seahorse tank in a matter of hours, and things are just not going well.

So, on a happier subject, what, my dear readers, did you get for Christmas? Did you give or receive any good gunny gifts?

I've got plenty to post about, which will happen as soon as life stops turning me into a pinball.


  1. Got some ammo (9 mm) and a gift card from my daughter, her boyfriend and his little girl. Card with it said "We love you Poppy (me). Please buy some ammo to protect us come doomsday."

    And I plan on doing just that :)

    Looking forward to the next blog shoot and hope you can make it -- with your SMLE.

  2. The SMLE is gonna take a little bit of work to get back into shootable condition, but I think that should be possible before the next shoot.

    On the topic of the next shoot, I had a notion that we might be able to arrange a shoot right around the NRA convention. I think it would be a hoot to get a bunch of us together for a shoot on that Friday, then head down en-masse to Houston for the convention. I can probably convince my dad to make his way down too, with the arsenal in tow (such that I can actually share my guns for once!)

  3. I got a bunch of bills for Christmas, yay!

    Glad to have you back in Texas, hope you enjoy being here.


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