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Friday, April 12, 2013


Well, here goes. Remington has decided not to move out of New York. I must say I am disappointed with the reaction from the gunny community. Far too many people are clamoring for a boycott of Remington over this.

Remington was faced with a really tough business decision. They could stay in New York and have to face the draconian new New York laws and ire of the gunnies, or they could uproot a company going on 2 centuries in the same location, with huge costs both direct of moving and in lost revenue. The costs of a move are astronomical, and the benefits are pretty much straight up philosophical.

I am disappointed in the decision myself. I want these laws to hurt the people who pass them. Remington moving would have been a major slap to New York, one that would make Magpul's move seem insignificant. It would be the kind of gesture that would make the history books.

In the end though, it would be merely a gesture. A huge and long term decision in response to a law that is already facing huge opposition and could very well be gone in a couple years is just not a good business decision for them. I still consider Remington a friend of the Second Amendment.

I mentioned this a couple posts ago about Lego. The same applies here. We need to be careful to not throw our friends under the bus for merely not doing enough. It's not like Remington came out and endorsed SAFE or pulled a Bill Ruger. Their offense is in inaction, and I just don't see it as being sufficient to sever ties with a good company. No, they didn't do all that I would like them to, but it's not my decision, and it's not hurting me. It doesn't do anything extra for New York. It just doesn't punish them.

Yes, I think New York deserves punishment for their ridiculous laws. I don't think it's reasonable to expect Remington to be the one to dish out that punishment though.

It's not like they pulled an HS Precision move here. This is just something of an unfortunate fact of business. If we as gunnies want to punish New York, then we should be putting our money where our mouths are and helping Remington to leave the state. We should NOT be trying to punish New York with Remington's money. That's a progressive move.


  1. Give Remington a pass? Sorry. I just closed accounts with two companies in NY - neither firearms related - just to keep my money out of New York (slave) State.
    I will do no business with any entity there until New York repeals its infringements.
    III N TN

    1. This is not an attitude I would take myself, but I certainly understand it. What I object to more is people singling out Remington for not doing enough. If it's a universal thing against everything in New York, at least you're consistent.

  2. "We should NOT be trying to punish New York with Remington's money. That's a progressive move."
    Oooooh. I like it!
    Part of the progressive Gestalt is the notion that money (e.g., on this date, the tax code) will make people do what you want them to. Conservatives use their own money to influence behavior. Liberals use other people's money. And that, I think, is a VERY important difference.


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