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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scout rifle

Idle thought exercise. How would you go about making a 91/30 into a scout rifle? M44 would also be acceptable but less desirable.


  1. Cut barrel down and recrown, or even better, re-barrel with new barrel blank.
    Install Rock-Solid scope mounts.

  2. Hmmm. Add an Archangel stock. Shorten (OK, RNE, shorten and crown) barrel. Install a length of rail aft of the irons. Install a 4x40 scope with rings that let you co-witness the irons. Mount a lightweight bipod. Voila.

  3. Seriously, and totally not trying to be flippant, but I wouldn't.

    By the time you've spent enough to even do a slapdash job, you're awfully close to the purchase price for a compact Ruger or Savage.

    1. Oh by no means would I be thinking in terms of cost savings. I have a tendency to do things not because they make sense but because they sound fun. I ended up spending in tools and materials for my bow project probably easily enough for an entry level bow. If you take time to have value, it becomes even less sensible. That being said, I did it anyway and had fun.

      By no means is this a sensible idea. If nothing else, the bolt throw on even particularly nice 91/30s is very long and fairly loose. If I had the money time and skills though (and a beater mosin I wouldn't mind destroying), I'd still have some fun with it.

  4. Timely article on the Scout concept:



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