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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Lesser of Two Weevils

This presidential campaign season has me displeased. In the early months, I generally ignored the insanity and inanity of the presidential candidates. I had hoped that the crazy and worthless candidates would remove themselves in early campaigning, leaving perhaps someone decent to rally behind.

The crazy is still going strong, as is the worthless. I was quite pleased when Cain came onto the scene, as he seemed like a candidate who I could support. One trial by media later and we were left with Romney and co. I would complain about the media's lambast of Cain as indicative that he was perhaps the only serious threat to Obamessiah's reelection aspirations, but that's old enough news now that even my liberal friends agree.

Ron Paul is mostly agreeable, but goes off the deep end often enough to introduce reticence into my enthusiasm for him, as well as rendering him entirely unelectable. Romney is all but indistinguishable from Obama. Gingrich is a limp fish with weak morals and no real stance besides limelight. Santorum is the most acceptable of those still in the running to me, but is somewhat too fond of governmental authority and religious justification for my taste.

A combination of the presidency becoming the sort of thing that no one in their right mind would pursue, a media that is determined that Obama get a second term, and a Republican establishment that is entirely out of touch with the population they claim to represent all wrapped up in the gigantic envelope of bloated government conspire such that there is no candidate I can endorse, campaign for, or even tolerate.

By no stretch will I ever vote for Barack Obama. It's just somewhat regrettable that that is only because as weevils go, him being the lesser would essentially require the resurrection of Stalin

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  1. Actually, with the possible exception of Pachyrrhynchus congestus, I think you have found a superb weevil!

    Write-in campaign! Weevil for President!


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