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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fantastic Five

RobbAllen asks here what 5 firearms top the want list, with no regard to price or practicality. Most lists circulating that I've seen consist of specialty, obscure or unique firearms.

Without ado, the list.

#5 Sako .308 with Nightforce scope -- I shot my uncle's Sako out to 1000 yards with military ball ammo, and it was a simply unparalleled experience. Despite the non-target ammunition, that combination could put the rounds precisely where we wanted them with ease. The gun almost does all the work for you.

#4 Remington 870 or similar -- The home arsenal as of now does not have a shotgun. A nice pump gun seems a must.

#3 Military 1911 -- I admit that I am something of a 1911 fanboy. Owning a piece of US military history rather tickles my fancy.

#2 M1 Garand -- This one has a double appeal. First is the historical perspective mentioned previously. The weapon Patton called "The greatest implement of battle ever devised" has significant interest to the history buff in me. Secondly, it's a semi-automatic rifle in a serious caliber that has withstood the test of time. Something like the m-14 could probably substitute in here well, but WWII is of particular interest to me.

#1 AR-15 -- This should be self-explanatory. The AR seems to be something of a swiss army knife. It is acceptable and occasionally preferred as a home defense weapon. It is an excellent long range target piece. It's modularity means it can be practically anything you want it to be. It is also noticeably missing from the home arsenal. This to me is the one piece that we really need to add, rather than one that would be a nice addition.

I found it interesting in determining this list how little regard I give handguns. The one that passed muster was for more historical curiosity reasons than practical considerations. This probably stems from a combination of factors. I was introduced to shooting in rifle, shot target .22 competitively for several years, and am generally more comfortable with a long gun. I'm a fair shot with a pistol, but already have a couple pieces I like and am not as particular about them. I know what I don't like, (for instance, I have yet to meet the .40S&W I like) but that is a small enough set within all handguns that none of the others really stick out as special.

What are your top 5s?


  1. AR-10, bull barrel, stainless, .308 or .338 Lapua
    Les Baer .50BMG bolt gun, just because.
    WWII Luger (P-38 maybe?)
    WWI 1911
    Boberg XR9 (really!)

  2. Nice list. I was actually just looking into the Boberg today after Tam posted about it. Seems an interesting idea, and apparently has decent execution. Certainly worth looking more into.

  3. Hmmm... off the top of my head... and in no particular order:
    Keltec KSG
    .223 AR-15
    Savage 93BTVS 22 WMR
    Sako .308 with Nightforce Scope (copycat, I know, but I was there and shot it as well. Amazing firearm.)
    Dan Wesson Bobtail 1911
    And, as a last addition, anything I get to shoot with the Scribbler!!

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    1. I like Nightforce, but the comments here are not for advertising, especially from apparent spambots, hence the content removal.


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