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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Burnout

I just posted this on Teh Facebooks. It pretty well sums up some of my feelings on this election:

"I've had quite enough of all political junk on here. The people crowing about the victory, the people complaining about the defeat, and the people (myself included in this group) calling out one group or the other for whatever. Yeah, it's stupid to say you'll move to Canada because the wrong stuffed shirt is in office and the world is going to end. Yeah, it's stupid to claim that because the right shirt won, the world is going to be all happiness and rainbows and that this is a great time for freedom and 'murica and all that. I've had enough of it all. This election burned me out. For those of you who know me well, you know I'm pretty unflinching in my political stances, and I'm generally willing to discuss them. But no one posting now seems at all interested in discussion. Everyone, just shut up. Enough. Yes, I'd be saying this if Romney won as well in all likelihood."

As alluded to in my last post (potentially two back depending on when this goes live relative the the "quick win" post) I burned out early. I couldn't get enthusiastic about Romney, and I've had doubts as to whether he'd be any better than Obama. I quite simply loathe Obama and so much of what he stands for though, so my hopes went to what I saw as the lesser of two evils. My support went third party.

It was really disappointing to read more and more about the Johnson/Gray ticket and get more and more interested and excited, only to have floating in the back of my mind the absolute knowledge that they were NEVER going to win.

It's really hard to care about the direction the government is going when the inertia behind it is of most of the countries voting public. I sympathize with those people who keep saying they're moving to Canada or wherever. It's tempting to be able to wash your hands of the seemingly inevitable decline of this country. The only real problem with that is that there's not really anywhere better to run.

It's hard to care when the liberal notion of feelings over results becomes so widespread as to have any attempt at logical debate impossible.

To counter arguments that this will just continue to foster support for the tea party and other third parties, how likely does that really seem? The people who have bothered to find out more about the tea party and co. ALREADY SUPPORT THEM. Those who haven't won't be swayed in any case. I think that the mindset I have towards government is the best one. There's a reason I hold it. I know I'm distinctly in the minority on this one, and I have a hard time seeing how it's going to get better.

Lighter content may turn up once I'm not feeling quite so cynical.

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