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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cognitive Dissonance

Aim Surplus is sold out of Mosin Nagants. Say WHAT!?

I know that people are buying up everything and anything these days, but seriously? I will never complain about people buying guns, but it just entertains me that this current mania is extending to the Mosin.

In other news, I am attempting to track down the least painfully expensive parts for my Enfield. While I can get the pieces I strictly need relatively cheaply, they're expensive enough and apparently rare enough that I am disinclined to spend $20 on a piece of antique walnut and chop it in half to match the sporterized forearm. As such, I'm also looking to get a new, full length forearm, which in turn means a new set of front end hardware. I'd basically end up replacing everything north of the receiver except the sights. Granted, Springfield Sporters means I can do that for right in the neighborhood of 100$, but that's a fair sight more expensive than I was expecting this repair to be.

Guys, (and gals), when did guns become so expensive?

Yes, I am being facetious here.

In other, other news, I will hopefully have an offering at the next blogshoot, May 26. The bow is coming along nicely, as are the arrows. Unfortunately, my dad will be unable to make it down with the boomy arsenal.


  1. Sorry to hear your dad won't make it down. I was looking forward to meeting the gentleman.

    Glad you can make it.

    The mania extends to Mosins and more; I'm seeing even older Mausers going for 30%+ prices and more. Ammo is scarce for Mosins and when in doesn't last long. An Tapco'ed out SKS going for $800 to $1,000 and people are getting it.

    Glad also to hear the bow is coming along. We have 2-D and 3-D targets for you to try.
    I'm trying to collect emails for the blog shoot; could you shoot me one at 3_boxesofbs_@_gmail.com - remove the underscores.

  2. Believe me, Dad is sorry he can't make it down as well. Happened to coincide with a pre-existing commitment. More notice next time?

    Bud's is also out of Mosins of every flavor. I've not seen .22LR in a long while, anywhere. Auctions for garden variety $600 ARs are exceeding $2500 and sometimes $3000. Anybody with me in thinking that being the world's best gun salesman is the best (and possibly only good) thing that Obama has done?


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