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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Houston Blogmeet mark 1

Every time I meet bloggers and gunnies in real life, I am humbled in many ways.

I am humbled to realize that these people who have never met me before welcome me as a friend. They are willing to talk with me, listen to me, share jokes and experience with me, and generally treat me like one of the tribe.

The other major humbling factor is that I am hardly deserving to stand with them. The people I spent last evening with are smarter, more experienced, more knowledgeable, and better writers than I am, and in many cases, than I can hope to be. The fact that they accept me all the same is stunning, humbling, and thoroughly pleasing. I am thoroughly grateful to all the people who have taken their time to talk to me.

In larger news, the NRA Annual Meeting is... stunning. The sheer quantity of gunny goodness is wondrous to behold. I am pleased at the responses I have gotten to my juvenile attempts at journalism, and have made quite a few interesting contacts. I'm taking a brief break up in the press room more to get off my feet for a while than anything, but will shortly be headed back to the floor to wander some more. Kel-Tec, Taurus, and Kahr are coming up now.


  1. Scribbler,

    Humbling is the word I find very apt when I am around gun bloggers. So much knowledge, skill, aptitude and generosity displayed by so many people it is amazing that I'm numbered as one of them.

    I've written about the experience before and still find it inspiring. You fit in because of your mindset; you fit in because you exhibit the values gunnies esteem. It has been my privilege and pleasure to know you as part of the community. A community where I don't hesitate to use the word friend to describe folks.

  2. Was a real pleasure to meet you. You write, speak, and carry yourself well for your few years. I am looking forward to watching you expand your knowledge and experience. You are welcome always.


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