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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Serious Case of the Wants

The shear number of things I have seen this weekend thus far that are drool-worthy, fascinating and otherwise appealing is phenomenal. The following is a hardly comprehensive list, but as I am half asleep and pleasingly exhausted, these are the things that are lingering in my brain in place of sugar plum faeries.

Steyr Scout. Oh my goodness, this is what Jeff Cooper meant. I've had rifles I've enjoyed, and rifles that seemed to fit nicely, but never before has any rifle pointed that naturally or that comfortably. The scout scope is a beautiful way to acquire a sight picture. When I first picked up the rifle, before ever bringing it to my shoulder, I fixed my eye on a sprinkler head on the ceiling of the hall, probably a good 50 yards away, and snapped the rifle up to my shoulder.

I was not aimed at the sprinkler. I was aimed maybe 8 inches to the right. Subsequent endeavors were much closer.

Folks, I am not a skilled rifleman. While I am not completely inexperienced and my theoretical comprehension is good, my practical skills are simply lacking. I haven't had the chance to get the practice needed to become even remotely expert. The grand thing about this rifle was that it didn't matter. I was stunned at how well this rifle simply.... worked. The action was smooth and robust, the trigger was a nearly religious experience, and altogether this rifle seems to be everything that a rifle should be.

In the littler side of things, I got to paw some Coonan firearms yesterday. Those, gentle readers, are very nice pistols. I want. Badly.

And, to round out the three gun, the KSG is.... intriguing. Firstly, yes, it really exists. Secondly, they are producing them at peak capacity. Thirdly, no, you aren't likely to see them on shelves any time soon, since they never stay on them for more than a couple minutes.

I am uneasy about the concept of a shotgun shell going off right next to my face (it may not be pretty, but at least it's intact) but two layers of steel plate is rather reassuring. The uneasiness of that is, in my mind, quite neatly eclipsed by the neatness of the platform. It is simple, it is robust, it points naturally and balances well, and I am going to have to join the thronging hordes of people all waiting for the chance to own one.


Why is the cheapest gun on my want list $1300?

Also, I may not need to own one, but I absolutely must fire a KRISS SBR in giggle-switch mode. It pleases the engineer, the pyro, the destroyer of worlds, and the toddler banging pots and pans that make up my personality.

Anyone want to give me a few thousand dollars to play with? I promise it will be well spent....


  1. Sorry, but ScribblersDad must disagree with the characterization of Scribbler as "not a skilled rifleman." He is an NRA expert in smallbore, was the youngest competitor at the NRA Smallbore Regionals in Bristol as a wee lad of about 13, and I have personally witnessed him put ten shots in a standard NRA rifle target through the same hole with a Kimber 82. Modesty aside, I am compelled to set the record straight!
    Now, he does need practice with big bore rifles. Lots of practice. With his Dad..... anybody know where to find any ammo?

  2. LOL -- Scribbler's Dad !!
    Thanks for setting the record straight. I've see Scribbler shoot and his experience shows.

    As far as big bore practice; might I suggest a couple of Mosin Nagants and a spam can of ammo. Even today, 91/30s can be found for around $150 or so and a spam can of 440 rounds for $105.


    I've been interested in the Scout Rifle concept for while and one of the blogshoot attendees will have Ruger's version there. I picked up a box of .308; happy to share a round or two so someone else can try it.

    1. Bob S. - Scribbler got a Mosin for Christmas a couple years ago (and a Remington 700 in .308 this year). I, of course, had to buy a matching Mosin for me... along with a case of 7.62x54R. 880 rounds of recoil therapy. I'm planning on putting an Archangel stock on mine. I paid only $70 each for the Mosins (AIM Surplus) and $160 for the Ammo. Ah, the good old days... Scribbler also just bought a SMLE for himself but even .303 British is hard to find!


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