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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stop the Planet and LET ME OFF

Taken from a recent facebook conversation (Yay NSA, you get to read it twice!):
More depressed at [the current situation]. This whole Zimmerman mess, the media COMPLETELY ignoring the waves of violence, larceny, and vandalism sweeping the nation since the verdict ("it's not 'rioting' so shut up you stupid racist racists"), the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to not be actually racist, the fact that our government in the past year murdered four US citizens with drones… the fact that emotion and tides of public opinion matter far more than truth, integrity or rationality… the fact that 1984 reads like a bloody mirror… need I continue?
 And of course I barely scratched the surface of what's been going on.

I don't know what to do. I run a mostly ignored little blog where I vent and write about this stuff, but while my readers are greatly appreciated, I doubt I'm reaching anyone who might learn from it. I love the ideals of this country far too much to be comfortable taking up arms against it. There's nowhere left to run to that's any better.

I hate this feeling of impotence in the face of these situations. For every little victory we gain, we lose a dozen, some of which we aren't even aware are being fought.

Rereading 1984 is interesting. While last time I took a slightly more optimistic view, this time through I see it much more as the inevitable result of our current progression. The framework for most everything seen in the book is already in place, and expanding daily. While I wish I could hope for the ability of the American people to say no, scandal after scandal has passed by in recent months to the great fanfare of... nothing. A few diligent folks scream into an echo chamber about the atrocious behavior of our government, and the rest just sorta... ignore it.

In an ideal sense, I would finish a post like this with a call to action. 'The world is crap, so go and fix'. The problem is that I don't know that it CAN be fixed, much less how I would go about it. Instead, I will just say this. If you have ideas on how to get this mess fixed, don't be silent. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."


  1. The BAR has never changed anyone's mind about anything.
    It might have encouraged a like minded person to hang in there though.
    One thing that has become apparent from this huge push by the left while the WON has been in office is the weakness of the left's position.
    The progs have thrown a mountain of bad legislation, scandals and crap at us and everything they have touched has failed or is failing.
    This will take a long time to fix.
    We don't have to roll over them like Patton in a tank. All we have to do is apply enough resistance to keep them from moving us back another step. They will implode all on their own.
    It's already happening.
    Hang in there Zuit.
    In the meantime, keep doing what you are doing and build a decent life for yourself.
    btw, your absence at DAB III was noticed.

    1. Unfortunately couldn't make DAB III. Hopefully DAB IV is more workable.

      I wish I could say that the implosion is really happening. While yes, to the people paying attention the weakness is astoundingly obvious, most people don't care enough to give that kind of consideration. Of the remainder, I know more than a few who will gladly stuff fingers in ears by merit of being 'true believers'. While their incompetence may mean that things don't get as bad as they could, we still have to deal with them, even if only in terms of paying for them. I see the implosion of leftist policy as a scarce few steps above revolution in terms of fixing things. Regrettably, it seems the most accessible and reasonable option.


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