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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trayvon Martin

It's rare these days that the government does something I don't understand. My cynicism is practiced enough and my eye is sharp enough to see how the assorted bull-honky fits the agenda.

That being said, I can't quite figure out this Trayvon Martin mess.

I have not been following this case terribly closely, but I have been aware of it enough so to see what little case there was against Zimmerman. In the days immediately after the shooting, Trayvon Martin's 8th grade picture was everywhere, and the case caught the public (and more importantly, the media's) attention. People were crying in the streets for Zimmerman's blood.

My initial assumption was that the government took a losing case to trial simply to say to the crazed mobs in the streets "Ok, look! we tried to issue justice, and the courts have ruled it was self defense! We did what we could."

THIS though, turns that on its head. For those who don't click through, reportedly the DOJ has been sending "Community Relations Service" members have been fomenting unrest and spending thousands of tax dollars on training protesters. Suddenly, the .gov seems to have a much bigger stake in this mess.

I don't get it. Are they TRYING to spark massive riots in this country? I can unfortunately see that as an option, as a justification for declaration of emergency powers. I am highly disturbed by what I see coming out these days. It's to the point that I have to wonder if I'm gonna need to button up for riot defense.


  1. I don't think they necessarily are trying for foment riots but they are trying to push racial divide.

    Look at their pattern of action; time and time again they push a racial based agenda from the Black Panther Intimidation issue to the Zimmerman trial.

    It's to the point that I have to wonder if I'm gonna need to button up for riot defense.


    1. That sorta just begs the question. What is the point of the racial divide? What's their end game? I certainly don't know.

      Rather than button up, I scarpered. I'm up in the Wisconsin boonies now.

    2. The answer is still quite simple -- power.

      The politicians in charge get to stay in charge -- if the people aren't divided they might start realizing how badly managed the country is.
      If the people aren't divided, they can't be distracted from the erosion of their rights -- an erosion that has resulted in considerable gain in power for politicians and bureaucrats.

      A house divided......


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