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Friday, October 4, 2013

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Readers at this point will likely know that I am, to put it simply, no great fan of our current President.  I find him repugnant, and his policies more so in most cases.

All the same, I hold idealogical consistency to be somewhat more important than my personal feelings towards him.

He has just ordered $45M spent on the creation of 356 armed school resource officer positions, including 2 to go to Newtown.

I am not sure that he is going about it in the right way, and it does seem odd to add expenses during the shutdown, but still. I see this as a major move in the right direction worthy of respect. Not everything that comes off his desk is evil, stupid, or just plain wrong.

Just most of it.


  1. When one considers how many schools there are in our nation, 356 safety officers don't distribute so far. Especially if they're being paired up in their posts.

    1. Oh, I'm well aware. If nothing else though, this creates a precedent for more places to start doing it. I'm not sure I want the fed placing armed people in schools, but if it encourages state governments to, that's a good outcome in my book.

  2. I completely disagree with you Scribbler.

    The federal government has no business dealing with schools. Not a single IOTA.
    It is governmental over reach, nanny statism at its finest. Now they'll be able to claim they 'did something' about the evil gun violence. Publicity stunt

    1. While I agree with you overall, if it comes down to a choice between pushing for major gun control and this, I'd prefer this. I'd rather have neither though. This just seems like the least awful result overall.

    2. Scribbler,

      This is a great example of political maneuvering and we shouldn't put up with it. "Well, at least he didn't repeal the 4th Amendment so we can put up with a 'little over reach else where" -- and it is repeated (by both parties) over and over again.

      It isn't a binary solution set here -- not either or. We have to hold the line across the board and not allow them to extend their authority. This is how we get the Affordable Care Act, Patriot Act, etc.


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