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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Blogshoot thoughts

There are just a couple more points that I think it proper to make concerning the Texas blogshoot.  Firstly, there are some additions to the blogroll that you all should take a look at.  The ones marked with asterisks are people I have met.

It's been said by other attendees, but the level of trust on display all day was astonishing.  I woke up that morning and got into a car with an armed person I had never met before, to go to a secluded location to meet with other strangers, who also had lots of guns.  There are people who reading that would practically have a heart attack.  Clearly though, I am alive and well (I'd say better even. Gotta love recoil therapy) for having been there.

Gunnies tend to be trustworthy, decent people.  Throughout the course of the day, expensive firearms, cameras and other items were left entirely unattended.  At the end of the day, the only thing missing was Borepatch's stapler, through no act of malice on anyone's part I am sure.  I was thoroughly impressed and pleased to note that not only was there a huge measure of trust on display, but that trust seemed to be entirely warranted.  People were safe, responsible, followed the four rules, and were respectful.

I don't know what fosters this sort of mindset.  I do know that I like it and appreciate it.  For whatever reason, a community of good, trustworthy people has coalesced through the internet around a shared love of guns and all things related to, becoming something far more than just a gun group.

This was, in a sense, my real induction into this community.  I've been on the GBC IRC channel for over a year now, and I've been blogging and commenting longer than that even, but this felt like I was really part of something.  I'll be going to any gathering I can now, and hopefully next time I'll have a few of my own toys to share.


  1. Scribbler,

    Good summary of my thoughts also.

    I do have a couple of ideas on what fosters the 'gunny mindset'.

    First, there is competence. People there were capable, comfortable and cognizant of their ability to defend themselves. When you have to depend on others for protection, you tend to view everyone as a threat.

    Second, gunnies are knowledgeable about crime. We didn't worry about "he was a law abiding citizen until he wasn't" or "she could snap at any minute" type of crime because we know how extremely rare those types of events are and what are the usual triggers. Not falling for the hype the antis put out means we are comfortable in meeting strangers.

    Lastly, the people we met were part of a community. I didn't know Borepatch personally but I knew he had been vouched for by people I do know and trust. Same with many of the other folks. The ones I didn't know most of them had either read my work or I had read theirs, you for example or they knew someone I had read.

    People aren't the idiots antis want to make us out to be. We can tell when someone is genuine, when someone is pulling a con -- both in person and online. We recognize people's honesty, see their values displayed day after day on their blogs or how they interact with others.

    Sorry to get long winded but as you might be able to tell, this is still something I think about.

  2. Well said Bob.

    Scribbler, it was a pleasure meeting you at the blogshoot and look forward to the next one.

    It was a very wonderful day and I was also impressed by the comradarie and shared love of anything that goes 'bang'.

    I had no worries about anyone who was present and I had decided that I was not going to shy away from shooting anything that was offered up to me to fire.

    It's a day that I will remember for the rest of my life, I'm sure.

    Take care, keep blogging and will see you at the next gathering!

  3. Excellent points all around Bob. I'd also add that as reasons to trust people go, those are pretty compelling. The Occupy crowd clearly trust each other, but looking at the crime and other problems, that trust is undeserved.

    Belle, it was a pleasure to meet you as well! I had much the same mindset concerning shooty toys. After all, what's the fun in going to a blogshoot if you don't shoot things?

  4. A poser reveals himself rather quickly in his writing. I'd read Borepatch for quite some time before I met him. Bob left a comment on BAR and I tracked him down and read his stuff too. Bookmarked him and read for while longer.
    One thing about blog shoots I've found is that it takes days, at least, for me to process the experience. Snippets of the event still bubble up in my thought a month afterwards. It's a lot to take in, in one day.
    My Grandmother was born in 1903 or there abouts. She used to tell me stories of riding to town on the horse drawn buckboard and seeing men in the general store with six guns on their hips. Folks were much more polite back then.
    Welcome to the fold Zuit.


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