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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

From the very beginning of this nation, brave men and women have laid down their lives in service and protection of the principles and people of the United States of America.  From the fields at Lexington to the furthest southeast Asian rice paddy, Americans have died because they believed in something bigger than themselves.

Today is for them.

Two years ago today, I stood in the parade color guard in the most biblically horrific rain storm I have ever been in.  The rain left every one of us soaked through in seconds, the lightning and thunder were in absolute sync, and the cold left the boys shivering and soaked.  We marched the entire parade anyways.

Memorial Day isn't about us.  It is a day to remember and, more importantly, honor, the people who gave everything in service.  Take the time away from your picnics and parades and remember that Memorial Day is more than a three day weekend in May.  Remember that this country and the freedoms you enjoy are bought in blood of soliders.

Take a moment of silence. Teach your children why we have this day.  Lay a bouquet at a military grave.

Most importantly, remember why these men and women died. They died because they believed that this country was worth fighting for. Prove them right. Let their sacrifice not go in vain. 

Keep this country true to its values, and keep it a country worth fighting for, for ourselves, our past, and our posterity.

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