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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hat Tip to Lawdog

Though I have never mentioned this to the man himself, Lawdog was one of my prime inspirations to enter the blog-world.  His was the first blog I got to reading, and is still among my absolute favorites.  I am nowhere near the writer he is, but that's not saying much.

I have been re-reading his entire archive from day one, and I'm starting to see the influence crop up in my writing style, as evidenced by this recent exchange with a friend.

I am currently enjoying one of the simplest and finest summer beverages in existence.  Take lots of blueberries, throw in blender. render unto liquid. Take more blueberries (you know you didn't put enough in that first time) chuck them in with the first lot, and render unto liquid. Add a couple scoops vanilla ice cream, and a small quantity liquid cream. Blend the cheez-whiz out of it, decant, and enjoy.  Deliciousness.
I could make some point about the suggestibility of the human mind, the difference between homage and ripoff, or any of a number of different things, but mostly I just find this entertaining.

The smoothie really is good by the by. You should try it.

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