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Monday, June 11, 2012

Because Race Gun

This is the product of two deranged minds (my father's and mine) joke riffing on a concept. Do NOT attempt this at home, at the range, or really anywhere.

Take two 20 yard lengths of good, strong wire. Mount one end to your backstop, and pull tight before attaching to a post. Repeat.

Take the firearm of your choice and glue tubes to the top, such that the firearm balances nicely from them.

Take one Remote Control Trigger Finger (sold separately, patent pending, trademarked to the DTTAH Corporation*) and mount to your firearm. Test to make sure you have trigger pull set correctly.

Mount both your firearm and that of your competitor to the wires such that they run freely along the wires, pointed at the backstop.  On the word go, each competitor must fire their gun such that the recoil scoots it along the wire. First to traverse the 20 yards is the winner.

Why, you may ask yourself? Because Race Gun.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with this joke, people who run speed challenges a la IDPA frequently have guns, called race guns, that frequently border on the ridiculous.  The gunbloggers, not to leave an avenue for snark unexplored, have memefied it.  See here for more details, such as they are)

*Don't Try This At Home.**

**Really. Don't. This is NOT a good idea.


  1. Scribbler's DadJune 11, 2012 at 9:55 AM

    Hmmmmm.... I was thinking (almost) frictionless surface, but I like the wire concept, as it violates none of the 4 laws.

    Btw, I dibs the full-auto racegun concept! :)

  2. Hmmmm.....
    *grabs calculator, taps keys furiously*
    Sounds do-able. Come back to Texas, and I'll race ya for a box of ammo, some TexMex, or some tannerite.

    Did I mention I plan to use the semi-auto .50 BMG I'm building as my RACEGUN?

    You too will have to come to Texas. We will try out this full auto concept you speak of. =D

  3. TRE - it would be an honor to meet you. Slight correction - some boxes of ammo, some TexMex AND some Tannerite. I even know how to make the latter! :) (just guaranteed myself a spot on Napolitano's list, didn't I...)

    1. I'd enjoy the opportunity to do the same.
      As far as Napolitano's roster of undesirables, let me be the first to welcome you to "the list". We have explosives, machine guns, preban magazines, and cookies.

  4. I'd recon a .50 BMG would be rather difficult to beat by merit of sheer muzzle energy. I was thinking a .357 light weight revolver might do nicely, but having shot both a .357 and your .50, I'd put money on your build, provided of course the recoil didn't absolutely destroy the race track.

    1. I have yet to recon a .50, though I welcome the chance.
      /grammar nazi

      I reckon you're right, though. I guess if we want to make it real fun, I'll use a .50 BMG pistol? If my rifle weighs in around 30 pounds, a pistol should weigh roughly half that and recoil quite a bit more.

    2. Yeah yeah, I noticed that within about 30 seconds of posting, but it wasn't worth trying to fix.

      A .50 BMG pistol seems... insane. It may have to be built now. I've seen a video of a revolver chambered in .600 Nitro Express. Guy took one shot and the pistol cartwheeled off the screen.

    3. I have seen the .600 nitro express revolver video. That's a bit......different.
      There are rumors amongst the homebuilding community that a few .50 pistols have been built, but I've never seen one.
      No way I would fire it. I like being able to sign my name and color within the lines.


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