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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I apologize for the delays in fulfilling this request, but I just got access to a camera today. Therefore, reef pictures!
This is my reef, in a 6 gallon JBJ Nano Cube. Lots of corals, a green clown goby, a firefish, a couple shrimp, and some hermit crabs and snails for cleanup duty.
This is Vincent, the green clown goby. In front of him is an astraea cone snail, and in the lower righthand corner is a frogspawn coral, the centerpiece coral of the tank. Despite this lofty status, I couldn't snag a decent picture of it.

This is Zippo the firefish. The green thing in the lower right that looks like a bottle cap is a bottle cap. It is part of a bristleworm trap and not a permanent part of the tank.
These are a brief selection of pictures of the corals. The top is a tree coral, the middle is a candy cane coral, and the bottom has a zoanthis and clove polyp frag center down, the frogspawn in the back, and a pair of mushrooms between them. Also visible is my pair of sexy anemone shrimp, thor amboinensis. Yes that is their real name. That's all the pictures for now, if you want a closer look at anything, I may be able to arrange that.

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