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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Political Ethics series

I realized while talking about political ethics on GBC that the reason I couldn't make the post work is that there's simply too much of it. Each sub point that I wanted to cover is deserving of it's own full post. As such, I'm planning starting a series of posts that will hopefully be recurrent every Sunday on the various aspects of political ethics.

Topics will likely include but are not limited to the necessity of ethics in government, the social contract, ethical traditions, moral relativism, constitutional rights, ethical enforcement, group vs individual rights, and the individual's interactions with government on ethical issues. The first post will go up next week.

I make no claim in this to being right. This will primarily be my personal reflections on the issues, and what I think is right. Leave any topic suggestions in the comments.

I may choose instead to do this as a podcast. Let me know in comments if that would be preferable.

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