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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Dallas

So I've been trying to make a post on political ethics come together all week, and it's still not working. In the mean time, this was worth commenting on.

Occupy Wall Street has spread to Dallas.

While walking back to the train station from the aquarium (which was thoroughly awesome) we passed a group of about 60 people walking down the street chanting. I wasn't entirely sure what they were on about, so I watched for a minute or two.

After two 99% signs and one Occupy Dallas sign, it was pretty clear.

I still find the movement baffling, though Robb Allen brings up an excellent point here. I must say though, it was entertaining that in Texas, the support seems even more anemic than in other places. There can't have been more than a hundred people there, escorted by three cop cars no less.

Oh, and guy with the "It's the middle class' fault for dressing so sexy" sign? Go die in a fire.

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