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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

Could someone tell me what exactly the goal of these people is? I quite honestly can't tell. It seems to be a bunch of people whining that "life is hard, and other people are better at it than I am." If I've got it wrong, let me know. I can't find anything about what exactly their goals are.

What I do see is that these people think they are owed a great deal. Healthcare, employment, housing, etc. What I also see is that in the end, all of it is money.

What exactly entitles them to other people's money?

Who's gonna make the stuff they want if the corporations are killed?

Who's gonna build their houses for free? If the answer is governments, I can only reply with 'Cabrini Green'

Who's gonna take care of their health because they feel entitled to their services?

Any Occupy Wall Street folks who find this, I legitimately want to know what's going through y'alls minds. I just don't get you.


  1. Can't help you there, my husband asked me the same question. I have no idea!

  2. Same modus operandi as a two year old. I do not have what I want, therefore I will kick and scream until I get it.

    Same thought process behind the Greek strike - the all-powerful nanny state just took away some of my butt wipes, so I shall strike, thus shutting down the means of production, thus removing ANY chance of getting out of this mess in one piece.


  3. Freud, I know WHAT they are doing, as well as why it is so abominably stupid. What I do not understand is WHY? I think I may have found a very disturbing answer to that question, I'll post on it later.

  4. Why? Because they are ignorant, in the most literal sense of the word. They think the Government has it's OWN money, and they want more of it. They do not realize it all comes from them. Same with corporations - they only make profits when they sell something. If they pay more taxes, the cost of their products goes up or they go out of business. Every penny every corporation ever had came from a person!

    Read the list of demands they have posted - a second grade math education is sufficient to prove them impossible.

    So. Why? Because they are stupid enough to believe that crying and whining and acting asinine will actually get them what they want.

  5. I've been working on a post about that self-same list of demands, but then my 'net died for three days so I'm a little behind. Apologies for the delays.


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