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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guns and Coffee

It seems an anti-gun group has gotten it into their heads that because Starbucks allows carry of firearms in their stores, Starbucks is not worthy of their business. They have organized a boycott for Valentine's day in lieu of this. That's their prerogative, and I frankly don't care where they get their caffeine kick. However, much of the gun world noticed and has decided that while the anti's have every right to boycott, we in turn have every right to send our business where we will.

Watch here for a fuller explanation of the event.

One thing touched upon in the video that I want to talk about a bit is the difference between gun supportive and accepting. Apparently some people object to this support because of Starbucks' indifference instead of activism. This mindset seems both bizarre and damaging to me. First, if you want everyone to fight for your side, you'll never get anywhere. Secondly, and more importantly, hostility towards those who are otherwise indifferent to our cause makes it more likely that they will become hostile in turn. Indifference is fine; it's almost ideal. Gun ownership and carry should not be a big deal. In a perfect world, it would simply be part of the background of life.

In short, go buy a coffee on Valentines Day. Starbucks may be expensive, but it's cheap enough for showing that you appreciate being allowed your rights. If it's legal in your area and for you, I also encourage you to carry. For those without permits or in areas that do not allow carry, wear a gunny shirt or something like that. No need to go full tacticool mall-ninja, just enough to show why you appreciate them. It's hard enough to make any headway on this issue that we don't want to let what support we have go unappreciated.

NOTE: as a quick last comment about something mentioned in the video, it's probably best to show up in smaller groups. While a large group makes a more obvious statement, it is also more likely to cause conflict, and more importantly, makes the jobs of the baristas that much harder. I know someone who worked in an ice cream parlor, and large parties were always things to be dreaded.


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