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Friday, February 24, 2012

Come on guys...

I won't drop the name again for fear of further spamming, but come on now. NF Scopes, mentioned in my top 5 post, has twice now commented with ads on posts. The second one almost didn't look like an ad at first, making a couple bland statements then linking the main site. on realizing that the 'blogger' who commented had only one post up of information concerning the scopes, I figured it was a shill.

Two things need saying in reply to this. First, the scopes advertised are at the cheap end 1200$. Why is a company working in high end craftsmanship using spambots on little read blogs for attention? That leaves me somewhat confused.

Second, and more importantly, on commenting in general. I allow comments, and will not moderate apart from removing spam and advertising. I like comments, as they frequently lead to a much deeper and more interesting discussion of the material than I am capable of putting forth in my posts. As such, I won't moderate real content, no matter how much I may disagree. Advertisements and spam however are not allowable. I considered for a while adding ads to this blog, because I'm a poor college student and anything helps. I chose not to in the end because that's not why I'm doing this, and it's not why my readers come here. As such, this blog will remain ad-free, (my personal endorsements notwithstanding) including comments.

If 'Mark' who posted on the guns and coffee post is in fact not a spambot, let me know.

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