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Saturday, February 25, 2012


What makes an honest gun owner/shooter? Tagged in a meme by Jigsaw, the rules are simple.
"I will write down five things that indicate to me that a gun owner or shooter maybe is an honest one. Then I will tag five other gun owners who are also bloggers and I hope will participate."
There is of course the usual overlap between shooters and everyone else. Things like respecting other people's rights are universal standards, shooter or not. Within the shooters world, there are some specific markers.

5. Realistic assessment of your own skills... and flaws, as well as admitting mistakes.

People who claim to be gods gift to the shooting world yet can't hit the paper at 7 yards are in violation of this. The ability to accurately assess yourself is an indicator of both how honest you are with other people and yourself. A subset of the violators of this are the seekrit squirrels, being those claiming military/paramilitary experience/training without anything more military than the BSA in their history.

4. Basic knowledge of the workings, pros, and cons of the major firearms types.

I am a little leery of including this one, as there is a distinct difference between dishonesty and ignorance. However, the ability to differentiate a rifle and a shotgun means that you are versed in the most rudimentary levels of the firearms world. It means more that you are a gunny than it does that you are honest, but indicates enough legitimate interest that you cared to learn more about it.

3. Logical consistency, and ability to admit to mistakes in this.

This applies more to the gunbloggers world than the world of owners and shooters in general, but all the same. It's hard to maintain honesty when you hold double standards. If dancing in blood is wrong for the antis, it's always wrong. To err is human, but admitting when you're wrong is paramount.

2. Thorough understanding of the 4 rules, including the why, and strict adherence to them.

Guns are potentially deadly tools, and to disregard, discredit, or discount that is dangerous, dishonest and unexpectedly alliterative. An understanding of the dangers and caution in the face of them is necessary for safe and proper treatment of firearms. Knowing and advocating the four rules while violating them yourself because you 'know how to handle it safely' is a violation of all three of the above.

1. Educating children and other people who will be exposed to your guns in firearms safety.

I cannot express this one firmly enough. Laws will not stop curious children from finding and playing with unsecured firearms. Firearms safety doesn't just affect you, it affects everyone who has any exposure to you. Teaching children, spouses and anyone else who will be living with you and your collection in proper handling is absolutely critical. I wouldn't trust anyone who had not impressed on their children the nature of firearms.

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